San Juan Mine’s annual production is exclusively devoted to PNM’s adjacent, 924-MW San Juan Generating Station.

San Juan achieves safe, clean and efficient operations through use of highly advanced “long-wall mining” featuring modern, high-efficiency electric equipment opening 20’ X 10’ passageways that are immediately reinforced with rebar ceilings and well-lit with LED lighting. The mine employs sprays and shields within the mining environment and throughout the transportation of product, to control the environment and keep dust below federal standards. This is an addition to innovative ventilation technology and alarms that limit the danger from gases.

Safety is further enhanced by video monitoring of all underground activity while workers are in the mine, use of remote equipment that can keep employees away from hazardous areas, and continuous adoption of best practices from across the company and the industry.

San Juan sets high standards for reclamation using advanced geomorphic techniques to restore vegetation, with regulators referencing such efforts as a benchmark for other mines activities in the State.

More than 40% of the workforce at San Juan Mine is Native American, and the mine provides support for numerous local community organizations including the Kirtland Youth Organization and sports teams.

Safety Awards

2020 Holmes Safety Recognition Award
2011 Safety and Health Innovator Award – Bureau of Mine Safety
2010 Safety Innovator of the Year
2009 Safety Innovator of the Year

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