The 7,378-hectare Genesee Mine, located near Warburg, Central Alberta, supplies 5.0 million tons of low-sulfur annual production to Capital Power/TransAlta Utilities’ three-unit Genesee Generating Station under a supply contract that runs for the life of the mine. The station produces electricity for about 500,000 people.

Genesee’s business model, with Westmoreland essentially acting as a contract miner under a joint venture with Capital Power, underscores the company’s flexible approach to operating structures.

Genesee earned the Alberta Chamber of Resources’ 2019 Major Reclamation Award for its comprehensive land reclamation plan, that includes the re-establishment of wetlands and natural creek bodies and the development of wildlife corridors, as well as restoring multiple end-use capabilities similar to those that existed prior to mining. The plan encompasses self-sustaining and naturally maturing wildlife habitats through reforestation (including re-creating a diverse boreal forest), re-establishment of wetlands and the creation of agricultural lands for cattle grazing, hay, and cultivated crops. Reclamation is implemented in close cooperation with a Community Advisory Council representing a variety of viewpoints and interests.

In addition to reclamation, Genesee Mine has won numerous awards for safety and also been ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified for quality management since 2001.

Safety Awards

2013 John T. Ryan Award
2010 John T. Ryan Award
2008 John T. Ryan Award
2006 John T. Ryan Award
2004 John T. Ryan Award
2003 John T. Ryan Award
2000 John T. Ryan Award
1999 John T. Ryan Award
1998 John T. Ryan Award
1997 John T. Ryan Award
1996 John T. Ryan Award

Environmental Awards

2019 Alberta Chamber of Resources’ Major Reclamation Award

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