Westmoreland’s existing operations continue to provide a robust and reliable platform for the Company’s business goals.  Significant changes taking place in the Minerals and Energy sector at this time, as a result of: economic disruption, geo-political tensions, changes to supply and demand fundamentals, as well as the pace and adoption of new technologies in the industry, offers us the opportunity to participate in an increasing number of potential acquisitions and strategically aligned investment projects. The Company’s strategic plan for growth provides clear criteria and a disciplined approach for evaluating any such opportunities and moving forward in a focused way.

Westmoreland confers primary responsibility for the identification of growth opportunities, whether through acquisition or development, upon its senior managers using teams of cross-tasking employees from throughout the Organization. This approach is then combined with the judicious use of consultants for specific needs, to evaluate opportunities identified on a project-by-project basis. Westmoreland believes this approach delivers more realistic and logical opportunities, assures fidelity to the Company’s vision and strategic criteria for growth, minimizes cost, and instills a sense of responsibility, authority, accountability and commitment to profitable growth at all levels within the Company.