Founded over 150 years ago, Westmoreland has long been a cornerstone of America’s energy generation sector. With a track record of innovation and service, together with a zero-harm commitment to worker safety, our Company has energized and supported our communities and businesses since the start of modern industrialization.

Westmoreland is proud of its diverse but equally unified culture that has been forged over many generations with support from many different stakeholders.  We work to be the best neighbors that we can be, recognizing our obligation and responsibility to return the land to an equal or better condition than we found it. We are continually inspired by our close associations with indigenous people from the First Nations in Canada and from the Navajo, Crow, Northern Cheyenne and Ute Mountain Tribes in the USA.

As Westmoreland looks to the future, its leadership team is seeking to leverage exciting new technologies, modern industries and valuable resources, with its high-quality skills and asset base, to provide sustainable and responsible solutions so that the world can transition reliability to a new and multi-faceted energy future.

Committed to
Our Communities

Devoted to
Our Employees

Responsible Stewards
of the Environment