The outbreak of COVID-19 on a global scale at the start of 2020,  caused massive hardship, casualties and disruption at an unprecedented level.

As an organization, Westmoreland has made significant adjustments to the way we function and operate in every part of our organization, in order to overcome the potential impacts of the Pandemic on our people and on our business, in the safest way possible.

As a result of the “whole of Company” collaborative response to the virus, we have been able to moderate the occurrence of positive tests in our workforce to well below the national average (<50%).

Looking forward, and in addition to a full suite of sanitizing measures and PPE protocols at every operating site, Westmoreland has invested in state-of-the-art facial recognition thermography technology, which serves to identify any possible symptoms at the soonest opportunity. Westmoreland applies the same goal of zero harm to every aspect of our business and capturing the added challenges of COVID-19 into this regime and culture, has been effected in a controlled and systematic manner.

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