Rosebud Mine – Montana

Rosebud Mine - Montana

Western Energy Company - Rosebud Mine

Western Energy Company - Rosebud Mine is a 25,000-acre surface mine complex located in the northern Powder River Basin near Colstrip, Montana, and the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. Rosebud is a large operation with three active pits and supplies almost all of its current production to the four-unit 2,100 megawatt Colstrip Power Station that is adjacent to the mine and was specifically designed to burn Rosebud coal.

Coal is sold to the Colstrip Station under two long-term contracts. Colstrip Station is one of the region’s most cost-efficient and cleanest power plants, which should help it maintain a base-load position on the electricity dispatch curve, and ensure continued strong demand for Rosebud coal. The Rosebud Mine produces approximately ten to thirteen million tons per year.

Safety Awards

2011Sentinels of Safety Award in the Large Surface Coal Group for Performance in 2011
2011MSHA Certificate of Achievement in Safety, Large Surface Coal Group - No Lost Work Days
2011MSHA Certificate of Achievement in Safety, Large Coal Processing Facility Group - No Lost Work Days
2005Office of Surface Mining and Enforcement (OSM) - National Award for Excellence in Surface Mining
2002Montana Recreation and Parks Association - Citation of Merit

Environmental Awards

Montana Recreation and Parks Association
2002Citation of Merit
U.S. Department of the Interior (OSM) -
“Excellence in Surface Coal Mining & Reclamation Award”
2011Directors Award
2006Good Neighbor Award
2005Area A Final Reclamation Design
1999Sharp-tailed Grouse Dancing Ground
1998Eagle Rock Mining - Area C
1997Hall of Fame - Rangeland Reclamation - 1991
1997Finalist - Eagle Rock Mining - Area C
1997Finalist - Mixed Shrub Reclamation
1993Salvaging Petroglyph in Tact
1991Rangeland Reclamation
U.S. Department of Energy
1987Award for Energy Innovation
National Institute for Urban Wildlife
1987Outstanding Conservation Award
Miscellaneous Certificates
1985-1989The Nature Conservancy, Montana Centennial Project - Certification of Appreciation - Conservation of Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse
1987National Institute for Urban Wildlife - Urban Wildlife Sanctuary