Environmental Awards

Environmental Awards

In May 2013, Texas Westmoreland’s Jewett Mine was recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Railroad Commission of Texas – Surface Mining and Reclamation Division and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality with a trio of awards for its dedication to environmental excellence.

2013 Lone Star Land Steward Award - TX Parks and Wildlife DepartmentFirst, Texas Westmoreland accepted one of five statewide Lone Star Land Steward Awards from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for best conservation practices and awareness of maintaining and enhancing ecosystems.  The award recognized the work performed by Westmoreland and its consultants in developing revisions to the agency’s Quail and Grassland Bird Land Use reclamation guidelines and for being a leader in the mining industry in developing improved reclamation practices for upland game birds.

2013 Railroad Commission of Texas Reclamation AwardSecond, the Railroad Commission of Texas – Surface Mining and Reclamation Division awarded its 2013 Reclamation Award to Texas Westmoreland for its Advanced Reforestation Practices citing Westmoreland’s ability to establish more natural-looking woody species habitats.

2013 Texas Environmental Excellence Award from TX Commission on Environmental QualityLastly, Texas Westmoreland was awarded the Texas Environmental Excellence Award in the Innovative Operations/Management category by the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality for its thorough land restoration process.

Texas Westmoreland Coal Company received the 2012 Railroad Commission of Texas Coal Mining Reclamation Award for the “Jewett Mine Stream Restoration Initiative.”This Initiative incorporates all phases of the mining process so that reclamation is a key part of coal production. The reclamation plan as part of the overall plan is digitally transmitted to the equipment in the field performing the work to insure accurate reconstruction of the reclamation area.

Texas Westmoreland Coal Company’s Jewett Mine also recently received the 2011 Railroad Commission of Texas Coal Mining Reclamation Award for its “Wilkerson Springs Creek Relocation.” Wilkerson Springs Creek is an intermittent creek that passes generally from east to west through the F mine area. The Jewett Mine used a geomorphic natural stream design technique resulting in a more natural looking creek channel that meanders and has features such as pools and riffles that more closely resemble a natural stream channel. The Railroad Commission congratulated the Jewett Mine on its achievement and recognized Texas Westmoreland Coal Company for its innovative efforts in achieving outstanding reclamation.

Reclamation at Western Energy Company’s Rosebud mine has been nationally recognized by the Office of Surface Mining eight times since 1991. In 2011, our Rosebud Mine received the Directors Award from the Office of Surface Mining and Enforcement (“OSM”) of the U.S. Department of the Interior (“DOI”) for exemplary use of geomorphic reclamation techniques in pit reclamation engineering design. The use of geomorphic techniques in final pit designs began in cooperation with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality in the early 1990’s and were further expanded and refined with designs developed in 1996 and 1997. Most recently they were used in the reclamation of final pits in 2010.  These designs preserve and blended native topographic features that include several steep slopes, sandstone cliffs and rock outcrops.

Rosebud Mine geomorphic reclamation

These designs have been documented to restore topographic diversity and native vegetation types that would be lost using the standard reclamation techniques being used in the early 1990s.

Environmental Awards

Dakota Westmoreland Corporation
Beulah Mine

2009North Dakota Public Service Commission - North Dakota Award for Excellence in Surface Coal Mining & Reclamation

Texas Westmoreland Coal Co.
Jewett Mine

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
2013Lone Star Land Steward Award - Jewett Mine Stream Restoration Initiative
Railroad Commission of Texas
2013Reclamation Award - Advanced Reforestation Practices
2012Reclamation Award - Jewett Mine Stream Restoration Initiative
2011Reclamation Award - Wilkersons Springs Creek Relocation
2009Reclamation Award - Bobwhite Quail Release Project
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
2013Texas Environmental Excellence Award - Jewett Mine Stream Restoration Initiative
Texas Mining and Reclamation Association
2012Award of Excellence - Jewett Mine Stream Restoration Initiative
2011Award of Excellence - Wilkerson Springs Creek Relocation
2005Award of Excellence - Area D Special Grid Reclamation Projects
2004Award of Excellence - Varnell Cemetery Relocation
2003Award of Excellence - BWE: A Story of Adaptation, Modification and Innovation
2002Award of Excellence - Pushing the Limits - Augering the Final Highwall
2002Award of Excellence - Sharing Our Past With Our Future Projects
2001Award of Excellence - Surface Mining and Reclamation of Abandoned Projects
Interstate Mining Compact Commission
2009Texas Nominee National Honorable Mention - Bobwhite Quail Release Project

Western Energy Company
Rosebud Mine

Montana Recreation and Parks Association
2002Citation of Merit
U.S. Department of the Interior (OSM) -
“Excellence in Surface Coal Mining & Reclamation Award”
2011Directors Award
2006Good Neighbor Award
2005Area A Final Reclamation Design
1999Sharp-tailed Grouse Dancing Ground
1998Eagle Rock Mining - Area C
1997Hall of Fame - Rangeland Reclamation - 1991
1997Finalist - Eagle Rock Mining - Area C
1997Finalist - Mixed Shrub Reclamation
1993Salvaging Petroglyph in Tact
1991Rangeland Reclamation
U.S. Department of Energy
1987Award for Energy Innovation
National Institute for Urban Wildlife
1987Outstanding Conservation Award
Miscellaneous Certificates
1985-1989The Nature Conservancy, Montana Centennial Project - Certification of Appreciation - Conservation of Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse
1987National Institute for Urban Wildlife - Urban Wildlife Sanctuary